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New Projects and Philosophical Topics

I’m somewhat thrilled to have a few projects now on the go, they aren’t necessarily being paid-for but I will likely end up using them for my portfolio. One is likely going to end up an e-business, the other is a reskin for the Exilers Gaming Community. It gives me a chance to figure out my workflow and build up my processes.

Some semi-personal meanderings beyond the click.

Now, some thoughts… I have been tasked with sorting through a family members photos (they cover quite a large amount of time) – infact its interesting to see what the subject of these photos are as time goes by. Now, the main aim of my mission with these photos is to essentially delete those without people in – I had honestly hoped that I’d be able to reduce the number of photos greatly as these will be going and getting printed.

So we start off, this young couple are exploring various parts of the world and doing many things young people would do. I come across wedding photos of the couple, but they are still travelling around and snapping away afterwards. At this point its probably 50/50 ratio of photos with people in and just scenery (beautiful scenery mind). Half way through and we see a pregnancy, then children – now I’m being more careful, I have to ensure these children aren’t small features in large photos; of course the children grow up throughout the photos.

It makes me wonder, because when I was travelling around with my own parents – it wasn’t always the case that the photographer was my parents, sometimes it would be me, and often it wasn’t pointed in the direction of my family. So I do have a minor feeling of loss, would someone be doing the same in the future with photos that I had taken of things? Does the photographer make a substantial difference to the photo and its context? Not necessarily just it’s quality.

Anyway, overall quite a wonderful experience, I could almost liken it to seeing home movies – just a snippet into someone else’s life, I do have to wonder – with the digitisation of photography how much we are losing from it. I’m doing this task because these photos have been on disc and unlooked at for a large amount of time; makes me think it might be time to invest in a digital picture frame.


Jack says:

Aye, a digital picture frame is ideal ( I have several).

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