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Featured image for Released: Squeaky Theme

Released: Squeaky Theme

I am happy to announce the release of Squeaky Theme, a new WordPress theme. For some time it has been on display across my sites… though I have kept my own design choices fairly simple. Squeaky features integration with the new WordPress Customizer, it is a responsive theme designed for mobile, tablet and desktop browsers and has numerous tricks up its sleeve allowing you to create a site which stands out.

Please check it out on the Squeaky Demo Site to see what it is capable of, and you can purchase Squeaky from the Tower Designs Store.

About Squeaky Theme

With Squeaky I really wanted to make a nice simple theme without fluff or heavy design elements, while maintaining just enough customisability so users can tweak it to make something more unique to their style. I will also be using it throughout my own sites so I aim to support it in the long-term and release updates over time, complete with new features and improvements.

It is aimed at blogs and portfolios, and as always I appreciate constructive feedback and suggestions.

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