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Recommended WordPress Plugins

I will attempt to keep this list short, but its worth remembering that WordPress is a powerful and popular platform, as such there is a good chance that there won’t be any need to reinvent the wheel. Here are a couple of plugins which you might find useful:

  • W3 Total Cache¬†or alternatively WP Super Cache
    One of the essentials, caching is a means of making your site more efficient, allowing you to serve more people with less load placed on the server itself; it might also increase page load-speeds where lots of content is concerned.
  • UK Cookie Consent
    The EU recently introduced laws to improve cookie transparency online, it might not strictly be necessary depending on your use-case but its sometimes better to play it safe than sorry.
  • SyntaxHighlighter¬†Evolved
    A plugin for the programmers out there, uses WordPress shortcodes to highlight code and make it stand out from the rest of your content.

A Cautionary Warning

Plug-ins are fantastic, they can expand the functionality and improve performance leaps and bounds, but there is a responsibility of the site owner to regularly check for updates; this goes for WordPress itself and any plug-ins the owner may install. Plug-ins can introduce back-doors, usually accidentally, and in turn updates will often fix these; hence the importance.

WordPress will check for updates itself and inform you when you log in to the admin panel, though it won’t do this for third party plugins from unofficial sources, unless the developer has coded this into their work themselves (which is not guaranteed).

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