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Cookie Information

As per the EU e-Privacy Directive – herein lies details of cookies this site uses and stores. Note that there are three types of cookies, essential, non-essential, and third-party. Wherever possible I attempt to ensure any cookies used are trustworthy and are unlikely to infringe on privacy.

Essential Cookies

These cookies are a core part of the WordPress functionality, generally if you only read the site cookies won’t be used – at worst they are there to help customise the appearance of the site. If you login or comment, WordPress keeps track of who you are using cookies – you can find more information on WordPress cookies in the codex.

Non-Essential Cookies

As above, these are cookies used to help customise the appearance of the site, in current form none exist apart from any that WordPress may create; certainly no custom cookies are created or used. Should this situation change, this page will be updated.

Third-Party Cookies

No third party cookies are generated or used at this time. Updates will appear on this page should this situation change. Note though that any embedded objects (such as video and audio) may create cookies.

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