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I’m Matt (otherwise known as Tower to some), I make WordPress themes. Beyond that I also do some graphical designs, working mostly with vectors (both art and technical). On top of that I’ve had way too much experience with computers; specifying and building rigs (usually my own) and setting up the development environment I use for those themes I make.

In terms of web design and my approach to it, I try to focus on keeping my themes usable and accessible, that is, they should be user-friendly and compatible with screen readers, printers, mobiles and tablets. Where I can I also try to make sure things are friendly for those who might be colour-blind (or partial).

Other Things

I also attempt to write articles, especially on my personal blog – I’ll natter about anything, but mostly my writing focuses on games, hardware, and maybe some personal thoughts thrown in for good measure.

Open source is something I’d love to get more involved in, be it my own or existing projects. More of which I want to announce soon.

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