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Me, Myself and I

So who am I? I’m a young upstart in web design and development going by the name of Tower. I fell in love with the web somewhere in my teens, I’ve always had a creative side – its just fortunate I also have a mind for development and programming too; so sitting right in the middle of them is a joy for me. Beyond that my real name is Matt Spencer, though I don’t mind being called Matt or Tower – my nickname from college which I got attached to.

What I Do

Apart from my web design/dev side I also love computer gaming across many genres, reading science fiction and fantasy as well as listening to some awesome tunes across many genres; much like my gaming. I’m a part of the Exilers Gaming Community – I also regularly write (not necessarily publish) over on my personal blog (go check it out!).

You can find out some more in my FAQ.

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