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Updated Store & More Produce

After a certain amount of time and effort, I’m happy to announce the opening of the new and improved store-page; not only that but there are 2 new offerings in the form of the new Chirrup WordPress Theme and some marketing illustrations for responsive sites (desktop, tablet and smartphone). All products now include a ‘Volume’ licensing option – providing greater value for money and the option to reuse the respective products for multiple projects.

Check out the new storepage!



Squeaky Logo

Released: Squeaky Theme

I am happy to announce the release of Squeaky Theme, a new WordPress theme. For some time it has been on display across my sites… though I have kept my own design choices fairly simple. Squeaky features integration with the new WordPress Customizer, it is a responsive theme designed for mobile, tablet and desktop browsers and has numerous tricks up its sleeve allowing you to create a site which stands out.

Please check it out on the Squeaky Demo Site to see what it is capable of, and you can purchase Squeaky from the Tower Designs Store.


Writing for Responsive Sites

Chances are the next big change to the web will be responsive sites, as users habits change and expand to include more handheld devices, the web needs to cater for other screen sizes beyond the old desktop or laptop. Responsive sites simply remove the need to serve multiple sub-sites or front-ends to users. That said, text flow could be the major hindrance to this, do not fear, there are options and I want to cover them.

Introducing the Soft Hyphen (Read More)…

The Regular Expressions

Only just today have I realised the potential of Regular Expression – I’m no stranger to it, not by any means. I’ve used it for the usual search and replace, or finding something. But to my knowledge I have never used it in this capacity. I hope this article proves informative, regular expressions are worth learning about and getting familiar with, and this scenario has made me a fan for good.


New Projects and Philosophical Topics

I’m somewhat thrilled to have a few projects now on the go, they aren’t necessarily being paid-for but I will likely end up using them for my portfolio. One is likely going to end up an e-business, the other is a reskin for the Exilers Gaming Community. It gives me a chance to figure out my workflow and build up my processes.

Some semi-personal meanderings beyond the click.


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